Cisco - Internet Of (nearly) Everything


Creating a search engine for the internet of things

Despite the fact there are already 15 billion connected devices in the world, Cisco told us that only represents about 1% of all the things that could be. So what happens when you connect the other 99%?

To help Guardian readers find out, we created the Internet of (Nearly) Everything. A search engine that lets readers search for any ‘thing’ to find out how it might be connected to the internet and why? From toilets, to sharks, to celebrities, to voters, to sex, to insects.

The final interactive contained over 150 different pieces of editorial. Clever use of open source technology allowed it to return results for in excess of 10,000 words and allowed every result to be visually tailored the specific word you entered. We had some fun around profanities – cock returns an article on farm animals, fuck returns an article on sex. We even found time to drop in a few Easter eggs too.