Beagle Street - Happy For Life


Helping people think about how they live, not just what happens if they die

As a newcomer to the life insurance market, Beagle Street wanted to do things differently. The Guardian’s Mood of the Nation research showed that active people are happier people. We wanted to share that knowledge with our readers. Help them understand what really makes them happy (and what doesn’t). And guide them to action to boost their everyday happiness levels, to live longer, more positive lives.

To kick off the campaign we created an entirely new vertical in the Guardian – Happy for Life. Our journalists produced 61 pieces of editorial content over 4 months. Asking questions like are you depressed without knowing it, as well as advice on how to release your inner child and making more realistic New Year’s resolutions.

Next we created a bespoke mobile app, which suggested daily mood-boosting activities, ranging from drawing a doodle to registering as an organ donor. Each day, users picked one to complete, then reported back on how they felt afterwards. By using the app, users gradually learned which activities had the most positive effect on their moods and a live visualisation of all the data mapped happiness across the country in real-time.

Finally, we commissioned a video series featuring renowned psychotherapist and agony aunt, Philippa Perry, responding to readers’ real-life problems received via a dedicated 24-hour phoneline. From 'I'm a porn addict who can't stop masterbating' to 'How can I relax in job interviews?

The campaign was one of the most successful ever to be created by the Guardian. In all, the editorial articles generated well over 2 million page views, with many making it into the day’s top 10 most read articles on The video series received over 800k views and over 30,000 people took part in the live experiment via the mobile app. Which recorded an average rise of 12% in happiness in users over the 3 months it ran.