Doen Foundation - Last Job On Earth


Highlighting the challenges of a fully automated world

Machines could take 50% of our jobs in the next 30 years. The Doen Foundation, a Dutch foundation supporting sustainable, cultural and social innovation, asked us to look at what this fact could mean for a future workforce. And so idea of The Last Job On Earth was born.

Part of a year long content series, this film takes a look at what life in a fully automated world might be like. It follows Alice, holder of the last recognisable job in the world, as she makes her commute to work. The aim of the film was to connect viewers to the issue emotionally. It was then surrounded by a series of factual, editorial articles that explored many of the issues touched upon by Alice’s journey. Including a launch article by Paul Mason, Guardian columnist and economics editor at Channel 4 news.

In all, the film has generated around 800k views across the Guardian and social platforms, with over 20k shares on the Guardian alone. It also received a huge amount of coverage online, including everything from a Staff Pick on Vimeo, to a thread on reddit discussing amongst other things what Alice’s job might actually be (which is never revealed in the film). We have also been approached by the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, for permission to show the film as part of a new exhibition about robots, due to tour Europe over the next 5 years.