Nivea - A Date To Remember


Creating a new generation of NIVEA fans with Stress Protect

When NIVEA launched their new Stress Protect deodorant, it was an ideal opportunity to engage the younger female audience that the brand struggles to capture with its global ATL work. We knew this target market were big users of online video and youtube in particular. We also knew it was important to entertain them if we were going to hold their attention. And so A Date To Remember was born.

At the centre of the campaign was an interactive Youtube video, where women could put NIVEA’s deodorant to the test by making an already stressful situation even more stressful.

Traffic was driven to the video via a mixture of video seeding, paid for social posts, online ads and user shares. The video itself (shot by Ben Gregor through Knucklehead) blended seamless interaction with the sort of TV quality production values a beauty brand like NIVEA absolutely relies upon.