Silent Circle - The Power Of Privacy


A five part investigation into privacy in the digital age

Silent Circle is one of the world’s leading encrypted mobile companies. As part of the launch of their new Blackphone2 handset, they wanted to shine a spotlight on how technology is transforming privacy in the 21st century - helping individuals and businesses understand the potential pitfalls and benefits and prompting them to consider whether they should be doing more to keep control of their data.

So we created a series of five, beautifully shot, documentary shorts, in which journalist, geek and TV presenter Aleks Krotoski traveled the world, undergoing a different challenge in each episode to really get under the skin of privacy in the digital age - getting her laptop hacked at DEF CON, using open source data to map radioactive fallout in Fukashima, and finally spending 24 hours in the very latest smart home.

The films were directed by Callum Copper, with animation from BAFTA nominee, Matthias Hoegg (for which they won Best Film/TV Graphics at the British Animation Awards 2016). As well as appearing on the Guardian, they have been shown in private screenings at events like the World Economic Forum in Davos. They were part of the Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House.

They have also recently been awarded a D&AD Pencil for Best Branded Content.