Netflix - Real Dating Disasters


Harnessing dating horror stories to launch the new Netflix Original series, Love.

When we were asked to help launch the new Netflix Original series, Love, created by Judd Apatow (40 Year Old Virgin, Bridesmaids, Anchorman, Knocked Up) we figured we had permission to push the taste boundaries a little.

The show is about the perils and pitfalls of starting a new relationship. So we went out and found three, outrageous, real dating disaster stories and turned them into short, confessional videos. Including one featuring the ever-funny Isy Suttie (of peep Show fame).

To accompany the videos, readers were invited to submit their own dating disaster stories, which we turned into a series of toe-curling editorial articles. Members of the Guardian’s online dating service, Soulmates, were also invited to take part in a Netflix powered experiment, where our algorithm matched potential partners based on their Netflix viewing habits. 8 couples were selected from the 660 applicants and sent on blind dates. With each couple sharing their experiences on

The Real Dating Disaster films got 237,000 views on Guardian, Facebook and Instagram in 3 weeks. (237% over target). A further 174,000 readers engaged with the written content. As well as driving traffic to the show, the campaign created a 22% uplift in sentiment towards Netflix amongst the audience.