Trop50 - Resolution Rescue


An integrated campaign powered by twitter and thousands of personalised videos, to keep the nation on track at New Year.

When Tropicana wanted to create a New Year’s campaign to promote their new, healthier alternative to 100% juice, Trop 50, the last thing we wanted to do was give people another new year’s resolution they needed to keep to. With numerous brands already encouraging women to eat this, or drink that, we decided instead to help consumers stick to their existing resolutions. Be it not eating cake, going to the gym more often, staying of the booze, Trop 50 would be there to help.

The mechanism was simple. Let us know the resolution you’re struggling with (via twitter) and we’ll provide the motivation to keep going. Which we did by sending every single person that took part their very own, personalised video to help them stay on track. And there were thousands of them. The campaign was made possible by creating a innovative back end that could automatically render and deliver any video within minutes of receiving a tweet. There was also the chance to win 1 of 50 resolution rescuing prizes every day.

We created 14 different animated videos (with the help of the fantastic Not To Scale), to cover off as many different resolution as we could think of. Consumers were sent a personalised version of the video that best matched the resolution they were struggling with. And they loved them.