Brawl Stars - #BrawlAds


One of the biggest draws of the $billion game Brawls Stars, is the rich world we have helped Supercell build around it. At every opportunity, we use content to build on the stories of the characters. Adding layers of lore and entertainment to the core game, keeping players constantly motivated to stay involved.

A great example is #BrawlAds. A series of spoof ads for Brawler inspired products, that ran as part of the their eSports World Championship broadcasts and then on the Brawl Stars YouTube channel. We started by writing a number ourselves, then invited fans to suggest ideas, which we took and turned into more ads - including a shout out to their creators.

We produced around 15 different ads, each with its own vibe and visual style. All the ads were produced by our talented, in-house  team of illustrators and animators, with just a month to go from initial fan suggestion to final film.