Brawl Stars - Who Stole The Trophy?


With 300m + downloads, Brawl Stars is one of the biggest games in the world. We were tasked with getting more of its fans to engage with their annual esports tournament: Inspiring engagement, creating conversation and growing the official esports channels

So we created a story around the World Championship, showcasing what the fans love most about the game - the Brawlers and the world they inhabit. A whodunnit, starting with the theft of the coveted Championship Trophy. Drawing in the Brawl Stars community, over 8 monthly episodes, as together we whittled down the suspects.

We used social listening to keep up with fan theories. And popular fan hunches to shape each new episode. The game team loved the work so much, they built two special game modes to accompany it - TROPHY THIEVES and TROPHY PLUNDER. And when the mystery was finally solved, it triggered the release of a new skin, inspired by our narrative.

Who Stole The Trophy generated 5.8m organic views on YouTube. An average of 724k average views per episode.

It delivered 384% more subscribers per episode than the other eSports content. Total 41k new subscribers. +5% overall

Plus 100% more engagement on YouTube and Twitter - creating a conversation that content creators, casters and even the esports teams themselves wanted to get in on. Fan’s investigations spilled out across the Brawl Stars channels, flooding them with theories, debates and even WSTT fan art.

You can see 3 of the 8 episodes below. Or you can view all 8 here.

So who did steal the trophy? Well it was….