• Brown-Forman - Fire Eater VR

Brown-Forman - Fire Eater VR


When Brown-Forman launched their new, spicy spirit, Fire Eater, they asked us to come up with a new way to create buzz around it, in bars and clubs.

So we created a VR, circus high dive experience. Allowing punters to dive from the heights of the Fire Eater big top, through three rings of fire, into a pool below. The VR setup was fully portable - with an Oculus rift and headphones attached to a high-powered PC laptop - allowing sampling teams to take them out and about.

If other people trying out a VR experience on the other side of the pub doesn’t get your attention, then maybe it’s time to go home? We also created the surreal key visual for the brand, you can see below the videos. Including the line and hashtag.