• Full footage of the poster site in Tokyo

  • Full footage of the poster site in London

  • Full footage of the poster site in New York

  • A rare sighting of Senior Tortuga on social

  • A rare sighting of the Grimkeeper on social

LEGO - DREAMZzz Global Launch


2023 saw the launch of a brand new, homegrown LEGO IP - DREAMZzz. This huge investment for The LEGO Group consisted of not just a brand new range of LEGO sets, but a beautifully produced, 20 episode, TV series. We were tasked with creating the global launch of the whole IP.

Ther key premise of the IP is simple - the dream world is real and full of the most incredible creatures you could imagine. Our launch idea was simple too. What if some of those creatures escaped into the real world?

We brought the creatures into the real world using three, anamorphic 3D poster sites, in London, New York and Tokyo. Each featured a different creature appearing through a dream portal (door), then escaping into the wider world (owners of the London site love the creative so much they have since run it for an extra 2 weeks for free).

Footage of the posters was then used to create a fun piece of content, letting kids know about the creatures on the loose, and enlisting them to help track themdown again. Creatures were then hidden all across the LEGO ecosystem - LEGO.com, socials, at LEGOLAND parks... - giving kids a motivation to explore the new IP.