PlayStation - The Killzone Webgame


Advertising is the last thing that shifts video games. By the time a title launches, most gamers have already decided whether they’re going to buy it or not. What really makes a difference is the amount of buzz a new title generates before it hits the shelves. So our strategy for the launch of Killzone 2 was excite gamers about the new Killzone title every time they opened their browser.

Using real 3D models from the game, two different server technologies and coding in four different languages, we created the Killzone Webgame. An always on, internet wide shoot ‘em up, that turned the whole of the web into one big Killzone. Seeded to our primary audience through earned channels, a competitive squad mechanic then encouraged users to spread the game among their peers. Finally, paid for video seeding extended the reach of the campaign to a more mainstream gaming audience.